July 8. The July Activity Check has ended! Any characters not represented in the check have been archived!

June 29. A new rule has been added to Storybrooke's essentials. Please check out the announcements board for more details.

April 11. Our latest town event has launched! A fundraiser to help put awareness into the wildlife surrounding Storybrooke! The festival includes a series of stalls housing food, crafts, games and all sorts of entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy, supported by Storybrooke volunteers, neighbors and friends! Be sure to stop by!

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roleplayed by Beebee Henry HENRY MILLS follow KidHenry @therealHenry I'm done reading about heroes. I wanna be one.
10 Male Heterosexual Student Henry Once Upon a Time 29-March 18 Yesterday at 04:40 pm currently Offline LIKES Books (fairy tales specifically), cinnamon in hot cocoa, adventures, code names, thunderstorms DISLIKES Evil, being left out/alone, brussels sprouts, being told what to do, violence Neutrals comfort zones I am comfortable writing anything except sexual assault/rape scenes. Language, violence, drama, all those things are fine with me! about Beebee There’s not actually a whole lot to say about me. I’ve been rp-ing for about…8-9 years maybe? I’ve been on a couple of video game sites, tv show sites, and original sites that may be fantasy or realistic! I’m a university student, I love video games, I’m very chatty. Those are probably the most ‘important’ points. Feel free to ask about more specifics. Razzy claims that she is the best thing in my life...and that's probably true. She's my bestie (just don't tell her I said that). Discord name is Beebee#0678.
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