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 Blood & Wine: 18+ Original Medieval Fantasy, Premium with stat system
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Amy { } years old
this was posted Oct 1 2017, 08:03 AM
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Enter a world on the very brink of disaster, where those that inhabit it fight not only among themselves, but against their very natures. Magic pervades this war rampant land, though few understand the damage done by using it. Each kingdom and cult seeks to further their might and majesty, unafraid to destroy others in their path to the attainment of Blood & Wine.

Blood & Wine is an 18+ original medieval fantasy that revels in the dark side. Enjoy high fantasy mixed with the cunning of political intrigue. Filled with rich lore and history, there is much room for character development and growth. We also welcome player lore, and encourage such additions be made throughout individual story development. Blood & Wine also uses a STATS system developed uniquely for this forum that incorporates battling on both an individual and massive scale, crafting professions, a dynamic economy, and the ability to become famous or infamous. This is not a forum for the faint of heart, and is geared toward moderate to advanced writers.
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this was posted May 20 2018, 11:57 AM
The tournament has begun! Come watch the display of prowess and might among the crowds. The Summer Solstice event is as grand as the feasts with more surprises to be revealed
canon character This character is from . Known as here in Storybrooke. In the movies they were a known to be . ""
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