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welcome Activty Check February - 8 – 2018 The February Activity check has now concluded! Thanks to everyone who participated! Be sure to check out the canon list and wanted ads to find some roles to fill!

Blue Moon January – 2018 The Blue Moon's magic lifts the Dark Curse for only a week - returning memories to Storybrooke's citizens. Upon the end of the full Blue Moon, the magic will be gone and the town of Storybrooke will lose their memories once again. Magic itself is still nowhere to be found. What will you do in this time of being awake? The choice is yours. But act fast. Time is ticking.

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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
ALEJANDRO HADDAD (IN) inactive 23-May 17 42
ALEXANDER WILMORE Members Yesterday at 05:02 pm 1
Annabell Snowbell heroes 4-May 17 79
Arabella Arriene heroes 14-April 17 102
ASTRID ANDERSON sidekicks 28-December 17 26
ATLAS JONES sidekicks 28-October 17 2
BELLE FRENCH heroes 14-April 17 33
CAMLO BEAUFORT heroes 27-September 17 10
CASEY HERMAN inactive 27-September 17 61
CHRISTOPHER GROFF heroes 25-October 17 38
DARCE STARK neutrals 3-February 18 7
DAVID NOLAN heroes 25-September 17 70
ELLE GLOCKNER sidekicks 2-April 17 40
EMMA SWAN heroes 5-February 18 20
ERIK HANSSON (IN) inactive 14-May 17 41
EUGENE FITZHERBERT neutrals 30-November 17 24
EVELYN CLARKE neutrals 1-November 17 22
HENRY MILLS neutrals 17-November 17 46
HUNTER YOUNG villains 2-December 17 53
ISABELLA TREMAINE (IN) inactive 23-September 17 37
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