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Sep 20 2017, 11:14 PM
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<h1>zelena jade villevert</h1>
<h2>35 years old. superintendent. villains. rebecca mader. wicked witch. wizard of oz.</h2>
<h3>swan. 19. -5. discord/pm/etc.</h3>
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<h3>Our Little Greenbean</h3>
Our little greenbean was born in the Enchanted Forest. She wasn't given a name, or a family. Instead, her mother cast her into an unknown land, one she'd call home. Oz was a fairly rural place, with Emerald City to be the place where she'd like to think about going as a child. However, she had magical abilities. Her adopted father who found her in a tornado called her wicked. And he'd get her to do terrible chores, like cutting wood, stacking it, and chopping down forests by herself. Though sometimes she used magic, it was forbidden by him, and she was hit if he saw her waving a hand to pick up a branch.
She believed that she had a gift, but her father had her believe that what she had was a curse. This was until she went to Emerald City, and asked about her parents to the Wizard of Oz. He showed her Regina, and she instantly felt envy. She could do the magic that Regina was performing. She was a better learner. So she traveled to the Enchanted Forest. She met a man who appreciated her. Who saw the drive she had, and she reminded him of her mother. But things slowly went downhill.
Zelena fell in love, which wasn't good. She loved Rumplestiltskin, but he was busy training his sister who had <i>everything</i> already. Zelena didn't have anyone, anything, but herself. So eventually she clicked her heels back to Oz, and angrily dethroned the Wizard of Oz, to start her reign.
<h3>Green With Envy</h3>
Zelena was stopped by Glinda, the Good Witch, once Walsh was her pet. She said that she was meant to be one of the cardinal witches of oz, the Witch of the West, and that she was to rule Emerald City, while Glinda ruled Quadling Country.
After some time, Zelena felt happy and settled down, until a woman by the name of Dorothy fell into Oz. Zelena was honestly pissed, and just wanted the girl to leave. She was prophesized to defeat Zelena. This was something Zelena did not need in her life, so she faked death, and got Dorothy to leave.
Once the girl left, all hell broke loose. She terrorized Oz, and the countries in it. She hated munchkins, she hated Glinda, and she hated her sister. She wanted to find a way to seek revenge on Regina. So she devised a plan, and the plan slowly formed.
<h3>Wicked Always Wins</h3>
Zelena was creating a time spell. She was aware of the Dark Curse, but wanted to go far past Regina's weak magic, and make something that actually defied <s>gravity</s> the laws of magic. She created a time spell. The ingredients she needed were as followed:
A symbol of wisdom pointing North, which she saw as the brain of the Dark One, who was held captive by Snow White and Prince Charming.<p>

A symbol of courage pointing East, which she saw as Prince Charming's prized sword.<p>

A symbol of love pointing South, although darkened, she saw the symbol of love as her sister's heart, which would ultimately kill her sister in the process of the time spell.<p>

A symbol of innocence pointing West, baby Emma Swan, who once had the potential for darkness, but was as pure as light, being the prophesized savior.
After she had these items in a ritual, she'd be able to open up a portal to the past, jump through it, and alter things. She'd make herself Queen, instead of Regina, and have everything she ever had.
However, once she got to the Enchanted Forest, she realized that she was a little early. Emma wasn't born yet, and the curse hadn't been cast. She sensed that Emma was being born, so she tried to get into the castle, only to be swept into the curse herself.
<h3>Superintendent "Doctor" Villevert</h3>
After Zelena got to Storybrooke, her persona was a bit different. Her name was Dr. Jade Villevert, the superintendent of the schools in Storybrooke, which meant she ruled them all. She wasn't known to Regina, but made sure that she put a good role for her in the town during the curse, especially if she couldn't remember anything.
She ruled over children, over the future of Storybrooke. And she'd have flashbacks of her former life as Zelena, the Wicked Witch. But she saw it as PTSD as a childhood accident, but somehow grew to hate Mayor Mills. She envied her for her position as the town's mayor, and felt like she wasn't doing a proper job.
However, her nightmares would scare her, and she would have retrograde amnesia some nights when waking up. She forgets where she is, and doesn't believe that Storybrooke is real. She wonders where her castle is. These outbursts she believes is a personality disorder, because she barely remembers when she turns into Zelena, on the rare nights where she briefly remembers for a few minutes.
She gave herself a doctorate degree, and is extremely manipulative and intelligent as Dr. Villevert. She knows what to do, and what to say, and is a people pleaser. Children are mostly afraid of what she says and does, because she can seem a bit crazy at times.
Zelena just wants to be awakened, so she can take over the town and make Regina imprisoned.
<h3>Personality and Powers</h3>
Younger, Zelena was hopeful, and wanted to help people with her magic. She loved the thought of having a caring family, until she saw what hers had did to her. She just wanted to ruin their lifes, so she became vengeful and envious of Regina's life in the Enchanted Forest.
She's not able to trust people at all, and is very cynical. She hates people, and isn't afraid of killing a few. Zelena is absolutely insane, and isn't afraid of showing a little crazy. She is extremely skilled with magical use, and is able to create spells, and incantations to help aide her.
With the curse, as Jade, she progressed mentally as well, and became much more intelligent and aware of things around her. She did this to aide her, as she knew she'd be cursed and forgetting her life regardless.
Since she's a Mills, she has flashbacks of her life and has the same feelings for people that she did previously. Which means yes, she still despises the Mayor, even though she's going to keep a professional face.
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