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so much for my happy ending

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Emma wasn't sure what she was doing. Her encounter with Mayor Mills was interesting, but she was just glad she could relax and walk around the town for a moment. Henry was in school, and though he wanted her to be around, she wasn't about to stir up things with her and Regina. It wasn't the time yet, but she didn't approve of Regina's parenting. She was just too cruel and definitely not how Emma wanted her child to be raised. She was starting to really love the kid.
Now, Emma wanted to find something to do. Something to see, but there wasn't much in the small town. Maybe get a change of clothes at the local shops that sold them. Or maybe find a place to relax, like the library, which seemed to be closed. Not a lot of recreational things were to do in town. It was almost as if Regina prohibited <i>fun</i>, if that was possible, and didn't allow people to be happy.
Henry was surely miserable, that he figured out all of this stuff himself. And made up some sort of world with his imagination, where she was his savior, and Regina was the Evil Queen. That was ridiculous, and impossible. But she couldn't let Henry know that. He was far too sensitive. And on top of that, he'd been seeing this man who he believed to be the Author of the stories.
It saddened Emma that Henry's life was full of delusions. It was Regina's fault, and she did not enjoy having to be around the woman. She improperly raised Henry. And while Emma did not raise him, she knew that whatever she did to Henry's brain, it was more damaging than anything.
So, with her phone in hand, she looked down. A few missed calls from work. She left a message the night prior about how she'd be back today, but she wasn't sure if she could. She did book a room in Granny's Bed and Breakfast. So things had to progress in this town. Emma would take her son with her to Boston, if it was the last thing she did here.
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tag: open , timeline: the day after Emma comes to town
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Sep 11 2017, 10:29 PM
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<h1>emma swan</h1>
<h2>28 years old. deputy/bail bondsman. heroes. jennifer morrison. swan. ugly duckling.</h2>
<h3>Swan. 19. -5 EST. PM/Discord.</h3>
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<u><b>THE INTERVIEW:</b></u><p>
<i>"Miss Swan, hello, could you tell us about yourself? In a few words, few sentences, whatever you're comfortable with."</i>
Emma Swan:
<b><i>I'm Emma...I'm 28 years old. Some would call me tenacious, cynical, and easy to distrust people. But I really just haven't had a great childhood. With my parents abandoning me, along with the only man I've ever loved putting me in a jail for what seemed like years. It was rough. So I'm sorry that this isn't a few sentences, but I don't know if I could explain myself in such a short amount of time. It's complex. I guess other people would call me outspoken, with a weird sense of humor. But I don't care, I want to help people. I hate injustice, and if I see something bothering me, or someone else, I step in. I make a stand for whatever I feel needs to be spoken on. "</i></b>
<i>"No problem, Miss Swan. What would you say your defining moment in your life was?"</i>
Emma Swan:
<b><i>"The moment Cleo Fox came into my life, after I was being chased down by her. I wanted to see my parents, to see why on Earth they'd abandon their child in the middle of the highway. Jesus, it wasn't easy seeing life the way it was. Life isn't fairytales, or what Henry likes to say it is. It sucks, but that's why you gotta make it what you make it. And honestly, Henry's father, Neal, got me to not trust anyone. To know that I am the only person in my life, besides my son, that won't betray me. And now that I'm here, in Storybrooke, I know that I have something to fight for now. He is the only person in my life that I can say I love. Something I wish I could've said about Neal. About my parents."</i></b>
<i>"Tell us your story."</i><p>
<u><b>THE UGLY DUCKLING:</b></u> <p>
Growing up, I didn't have a good childhood. I went from house to house, parent to parent. People didn't care. They just wanted the check, the money they'd get from having me. And knowing that made me distrust my foster parents. Why would anyone want someone like me, to actually love me? I wanted to believe I could see the good in the system, but I was just thrown all around it.
I tried running off multiple times, gained a few friends, lost a few. I could never find stability, until I ran off for the last time when I turned 17. I met Neal. Neal Cassidy, and I stole his 1969 Yellow Bug. We fell in love, and were partners in crime. But I was so damn young and naive, that even though I was recklessly in love, I was in blind danger. I didn't see that I'd be locked up for so long, without anyone with me.
We were going to settle down in Tallahassee. I didn't know much about Neal's past, but I didn't care, because he knew almost none of mine. We were both criminals, and I felt like I was just as bad as he was. Even though he tricked me, he made me lose his trust when I needed it the most. I was pregnant with his child, and I gave birth in prison. That's when I knew that I had nobody left in the world that I could trust, or love. Neal took that security away from me.
But even then, I longed to be able to confront him again, so I could tell him how I felt. To tell him how angry I was at his betrayal. And I wished that I could prevent my child from being caught in the system, praying that he, as a newborn, went into a good home.
But, that's when things got rocky.
When my child got older, he came to me, on my 28th birthday. As I blew out the candles, I wished that I wasn't alone anymore. Deep down inside, I had also wished for security. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it was definitely something I was happy to have. Henry Daniel Mills knocked on my door, and I opened it, surprised.
I <i>didn't</i> have a kid. There was no way he'd be able to find me after the years of last seeing him. But he found me. And I was glad he did. Yet I was humiliated to see him, because I felt so embarrassed. What thoughts raced through his head after he discovered me? I had only bad thoughts in my mind, but he just wanted me to save....my <i>family</i>?
My child who I had not known at all called me the Savior, and was convinced that a man in town was the Author of the Stories, of <i>fairy tale stories</i>? It was too much, but I wanted to be with him. To entertain his delusions seemed like it wasn't very healthy, but I wanted to have my son. And his mother, Regina, didn't seem like a very pleasant person.
With all of the new people I'd encountered, there seemed to be a lot of crime in the small town. And I wanted to stop it. It seemed like a lot of it had to do with the mayor, Regina, trying to stop me. But I wouldn't be stopped. And I couldn't be stopped.
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