July 8. The July Activity Check has ended! Any characters not represented in the check have been archived!

June 29. A new rule has been added to Storybrooke's essentials. Please check out the announcements board for more details.

April 11. Our latest town event has launched! A fundraiser to help put awareness into the wildlife surrounding Storybrooke! The festival includes a series of stalls housing food, crafts, games and all sorts of entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy, supported by Storybrooke volunteers, neighbors and friends! Be sure to stop by!

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roleplayed by Owl Lise ELISE SNOWBELL follow icequeen @therealLise That perfect girl is gone
24 female questioning seamstress Elsa Frozen 28-March 18 Yesterday at 03:09 pm currently Offline LIKES Chocolate, desserts, cold, her sister, freedom DISLIKES Being touched by strangers, judgmental people, being tied down, heat, anyone that would hurt her sister Heroes comfort zones I’m good with RPing most things. However, full on sex-scenes are a nope as well as overly graphic gory-type... stuff. That stuff can be glossed or fade-to-blacked, okay? about Owl 27 years old, in college (there is a story there), own my own business, so I’ve got a lot to juggle. Been rping for 15-ish years now. I tend to prefer shorter posts (1-2 paragraphs) but capable of doing longer when plot calls for it.
I’m a geek and nerd both, having a massive wealth of knowledge in some of my most beloved fandoms, and enjoying learning and being a computer techie. I’m usually a little shy and quiet to start out, but I can get to the point of talking too much.
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