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 Annabell Snowbell, Anna
Annabell Snowbell
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 08:21 AM
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N/A years old
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Annabell Snowbell

23 years old. School Teacher Assistant/Heiress. Heroes. Elizabeth Lail. Anna. Frozen.

Jamie. 19. Central. PM/Skype.

Anna’s life before the curse was how everyone knows it to be. Her parents died, her sister was queen, they found out about her powers…. And everything else. The curse began when they shipped Hans back off to his island.

Annabell was born minutes after her sister, Eirwen, and they grew up closer than anything. When she was hurt, Anna wanted to show her that she was fine. Sure, she had to get stitches but who cared? Her sister of course was so careful around her that it frustrated Anna. But, because of the type of person she was, she always tried to make the best of things and explain to Eirwen that she was fine and that nothing was going to happen. The boating accident scared her but she had been fine, their parents on the other hand had almost died. Anna wasn’t sure how to comfort her twin but she tried to explain to her that it wasn’t her fault.

Growing up, she was always the type of girl who tried to make friends with everyone. She was very trusting too, and still is, and began making friends with any and everyone she met. When they asked for things, she let them have it, and when they wanted to get something but didn’t have enough money, she bought it for them. She thought she was being nice but people started using her, stealing from her family.

In her freshman year, she fell in love. Something called love-at-first sight. At least she thought so. He wasn’t the greatest person in the world, and her was using her, although she didn’t really see it. She stayed with him, thinking that he was the love of her life and didn’t think things through. He was nice and everything, but not very satisfying. She was left bored and felt like her life was already becoming unfulfilled. He never romanced her or anything once he ‘had’ her, so to speak, and she didn’t think there was anyone else out there.

Someone came into her life in high school, a college aged guy while she was a senior. He changed her thoughts, telling her that she didn’t have to let people push her around and that she shouldn’t fall in love with the first guy she met. Things that really pushed her and she decided to dump her boyfriend and focus more on her schoolwork, and hanging out with the guy, Kristoff in the fairytale world. For years, she was able to pick the better friends, and had a budding relationship with “Kristoff”, where she was always afraid of taking it to the next level.

Once graduated, she got into college for business and education and has been a teacher assistant at the elementary school. She continued to go throughout her life, hanging out, working. She knows she’ll be passed down the company when she turns twenty-five but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t get a degree or work somewhere else for the time being. She does go into the office and work there to learn what all she needs to learn when she inherits the business.  

 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 12:16 PM
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23 years old
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