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RACH { rach } 24 years old female she/her heterosexual site creator
this was posted Sep 11 2017, 07:53 PM
Site Rules
  1. Character selection We are a season one AU board, which means we do not accept characters from season 7. Examples of this would be Gideon and Tilly. While we do accept characters from other seasons (for example, Hook doesn't show up until season 2), their histories must fit into the storyline of Season 1, as well as our site plot. Any character able to be played should have existed by the time the first curse hit.
  2. registration character accounts should be registered as their storybrooke name, FIRST LAST, in all caps. please try your hardest to not choose a duplicate name to those already on the site to prevent confusion. especially when it comes to last names, there should be no duplicates unless the characters are related in storybrooke. we are canons only, but we have a pretty extensive canon list to choose from! if there is someone you'd like to snag that's not on the list, please pm an admin. we do not have ooc alias accounts here at storybrooke, as we want to put the emphasis on our characters.
  3. character limits for all regular characters, we have a limit of two to begin with immediately. for your next two characters, you must wait a week between creation time, so we can be sure you're going to stay active! after your fourth character, you must apply for any future characters with the current admin staff, who reserve the right to say no. we do have an extensive canon list, however we want to make sure to stay away from hoarding characters and leave room for new members! our rules for ouat show canons are detailed below.
  4. word count to put it simply, we have none. we only ask that you match the word count of the person you’re threading with. no one likes a two sentence reply to a thousand word post, and vice versa. also, please keep all posting in third person.
  5. applications are freestyle, so feel free to go wild. however, they must detail their history before and after the curse. but, please remember that no storybrooke characters have memories before the curse. once posted as a wip, you've got five days to complete it before it gets archived. if you are unable to do so within the provided amount of time and need an extension, please make sure to pm an admin beforehand. if you fail to do so and somebody else claims your spirit, you will have to choose another canon. if an account has been created and no app has been posted for five days, the account will be deleted after a check up email.
  6. level we are an intermediate role play, which means we welcome advanced writers and intermediate writers who might like to use this opportunity to work on their skills. we always welcome writing related questions from members, and if you need any help, please feel free to contact an admin. however, our ouat canons are advanced only. for more information, please see their category below. admins are also required to be advanced as well.
  7. staff you must have at least one accepted application before being added to the staff team. as stated above, staff are required to be advanced writers, meaning their applications have no grammar or spelling mistakes. because we are an intermediate site, staff are expected to help other members who might be struggling, so they should have a strong grasp of highly literate writing! also, since they are staff, they are expected to be very active! we’d like a staff who’s jumping on as many plot possibilities as possible. for staff members, after two weeks of inactivity, you will be contacted and transitioned back to a regular member, and our general activity rules will apply.
  8. face claims are 100% required. no exceptions. please also try to keep them diverse! we don't want everyone looking the same around here, now do we? celebrities only, which means no drawings, no unknown faces, no tumblr faces, and we'd like to keep the models to a minimum. no celebrities who have asked not to use their likeness will be accepted. please be sure to reserve and claim your faces, otherwise they are up for grabs.
  9. wanted ads we take wanted ads pretty seriously and treat them like canons. doesn't it suck when someone steals an ad and doesn't create them properly? yes, yes it does. so, if you've got a wanted ad up, please claim it in the face claim and the canons list if you don't want anyone snagging it. once a character is created for a specific ad, the original poster will have to give the admins their stamp of approval before they are accepted.
  10. ouat canons right now, we initially allow one main ouat canon per member, since we just have so few and would like to keep it fair. you can ask an admin if you can apply for a second ouat canon character, but this is not a guarantee. because these characters are so important, applications for these roles will fall under the advanced category, so proper grammar, spelling, and an in depth knowledge of their character must be present in the application to be accepted. the only canons from ouat we have listed are ones that are integral to our plot. if a canon from the show is not listed, that means their fairy tale spirit is up for grabs. however, if you would like to take an ouat canon that is not on our canon list, please ask an admin member before applying. we will most likely say yes, unless it conflicts with our overall site plot or a wanted ad already in place.
  11. rating we are now officially premium, and our current site rating is 3, 3, 3. mature content is allowed, but if your thread is mature in nature, please be sure to label it with an [M] in the thread title. if it is not, you will be recieving a pm from an admin, since we would not wish for someone to stumble upon mature content without warning. also, no under age characters can be involved in mature threads.
  12. gender bending we usually allow gender bending in all forms because we often love the creativity that comes with that, but please run it by an admin first before applying. if it is a major canon, we reserve the right to say no to requests.
  13. absences & activity if you will be away for an extended period, we do ask you post in the absence forum. we're not too picky what your reasons are, but please give us a very definite idea of when you will be returning. if the general date of return has passed, we will send you a pm to check up. for staff members, general activity rules will apply. we will have simple monthly activity checks, and the rules for each will be explained in their respective posts. if you have not responded to an activity check in time, and no absence notice is posted, sadly you will have to reapply.
  14. graphics are required. we'd like to keep our board looking all neat and clean! avatars should be 250 x 400, and the square gif in the mini profile will resize. if you need graphics help, please pm an admin!
  15. everything else all other standard rp rules apply. that means no god modding, mary sues, etc. unless given specific permission, and please be respectful. we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to mean members, so if you're bullying someone, trash talking other members or sites, or overall just being a jerk, you will be banned. no exceptions, no second chances. this rule applies to staff as well. please tell an admin immediately if you are having a problem.
please respect the rules
the second star to the right shines in the night for you to tell you that the dreams you plan really can come true the second star to the right shines with a light that's rare and if it's never land you need It's light will lead you there twinkle, twinkle little star so we'll know where you are gleaming in the skies above lead us to the land we dream of
canon character This character is head admin from disneyland. Known as rach here in Storybrooke. In the movies they were a female known to be friendly. "Too many people grow up."
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