June 8. The June Activity Check has now ended! Any characters who were not represented in the check have been archived!

April 11. Our latest town event has launched! A fundraiser to help put awareness into the wildlife surrounding Storybrooke! The festival includes a series of stalls housing food, crafts, games and all sorts of entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy, supported by Storybrooke volunteers, neighbors and friends! Be sure to stop by!

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RACH { rach } 24 years old female she/her heterosexual site creator
this was posted Sep 11 2017, 07:53 PM
Site Plot

Welcome to an alternate universe. We will begin with a story loosely based around the start of season one of Once Upon a Time. However, in this version, the author and the savior must team together to become heroes of their own story.

On the wedding day of Snow White and Prince Charming, they received an unexpected guest: The Evil Queen. In moment far more dramatic than a simple 'I object,' The Evil Queen, with some previous help from Rumpelstiltskin, threatened a curse on not just the happy couple, but the entire fairy tale world. If she could not have her happy ending with her true love, no one could; and there was no way the woman who stole that from her would get to have the satisfaction she could only dream of. To keep everyone from their own happy endings, she created a universe solely designed on that idea: Storybrooke.

This quaint town in Maine might seem like any other to the average passerby, but Storybrooke was far from normal. Every character from the fairy tale world found themselves as a resident, with no memories of their former selves. Instead, these memories have been replaced with new, ordinary human ones, designed to keep true happiness just out of reach. No one seems to be able to come or go from the town, and bad things tend to happen to those who try their hand at crossing the town border. There is no magic here, at least, on the surface, since no one even believes in its existence. The only persons in town who have kept their memories of their past lives are The Evil Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Author, all of whom could not be affected by the magic of the curse.

But, there exists a powerful man with an even more powerful secret: The Author. Armed with a magical pen and a storybook, for the first time in his life he has become conflicted on whether or not to use his power for good, or maintain his necessarily neutral status and only record the events surrounding him. Seeing the misery of his favorite characters, and the seemingly indestructible curse, The Author is getting more and more restless to become the hero he was always destined to be. However, he must be sure to keep his boss, the all-powerful Sorcerer, happy, or at least distracted, while he does so.

Mr. Gold, however, has other plans. He is not only positive that magic exists in this world, but he is determined to figure out a way to harness it and use it to smoke out The Author, once and for all. Once he possesses the combination of the all powerful pen and storybook, he can take the author's place and hold the greatest power in the world all to himself. Nothing, and no one, is going to get in his way.

That is, until a certain Ms. Swan arrives in town. She’s made quite the name for herself as the new deputy sheriff, and made easy enemies with the Mayor. Mr. Gold and the Author know exactly what her presence means in Storybrooke, and it’s up to them to help her chose a side. Her son Henry is determined to make her believe again, and bring back the happy endings, and he knows the Author is the key to making this happen; now he just needs to figure out how to convince him to become a hero in his own story, and help his mother find her true calling.

Plot Updates 001. With our grand opening, we're starting at the beginning! The curse has recently been cast over Storybrooke, and characters are unknowingly adjusting to their new lives here. In a turn of events, Madeleine Sorce has just led a mass breakout of the town psychiatric ward patients, who are slowly trying to find new lives in town, much to Regina’s dismay. Meanwhile, Emma is determined to get to the bottom of how they got locked up in the first place. please respect the rules
the second star to the right shines in the night for you to tell you that the dreams you plan really can come true the second star to the right shines with a light that's rare and if it's never land you need It's light will lead you there twinkle, twinkle little star so we'll know where you are gleaming in the skies above lead us to the land we dream of
canon character This character is head admin from disneyland. Known as rach here in Storybrooke. In the movies they were a female known to be friendly. "Too many people grow up."
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